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Become Trendy With Japanese Street Fashion


Fashion is a mode of expression & an extension of your personality. It has the power to make a social statement. It is all about change, diversity & variety, essential to keep life interesting. Apart from clothing fashion applies to shoes, hair, makeup, accessories & even to electronic gadgets like your cell phone. These days Japanese street fashion is in vogue & has redefined itself from just being kimonos to a unique blend of traditional & contemporary trends. Japanese street fashion basically involves the customization of outfits. Usually tailored at home according to ones requirement various street trends could be seen prevalent at various areas of Japan. From relatively simple, young to certain contemptible styles, Japanese fashion has it all.

Japanese street fashion is a live example of innovation & ingenuity. Having carved a niche for itself Japanese street fashion has become a rage among the fashion gurus of the world. Among the leading fashion destinations of Japan are Tokyo, Harajuku, Ginza, Odaiba, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shibuya etc. These are ideal places to shop for Japanese street fashion. Japanese street fashion has a variety of trends & styles for all categories. Japanese street fashion could basically be associated with the youth. Various styles are associated with Japanese street fashion like Gothic, Kogal, Bosozoku, Ganguro etc.

Gothic Lolita is a youth fashion among young Japanese women & teenagers. Elegant & sophisticated, these outfits include ribbons, laces, bonnets & large bows. The emphasis is more on Victorian style clothing, aiming to impersonate the appearance of Victorian porcelain doll. An attempt to imitate the American Californian look, Ganguro fashion is trendy among the Japanese youth especially women who go on to tan their skin, get their hair bleached & adorn trendy summer dresses. This style is considered to define modern Japanese women contradictory to the image of subservient, quiet, ideal, women. Yet another style in vogue is the Kogal style where young Japanese women flaunt latest clothes, cell phones & accessories to exhibit their taste through their disposable income. The dresses they adorn are influenced by Hollywood movies & their characters & require good amount of money to be spent.

Far more elaborate Japanese street fashion on the onset seems to be based on uncoordinated colors & dressing patterns. Heavy jewellery, matching jeans, tank tops with the traditional kimonos complement contemporary Japanese street fashion are available in the various styles not only provide different look but also serve different purpose.