Monthly Archives: May 2015

Watch Out Zombies!

Hello everyone! I am a PC games addict and I love finding newly released games and writing about them. Lately I have found a really marvelous game called Hounds: the Last Hope. It is a free to play online game which you can easily download and start to play. At the first sight, the game may seem like a normal TPS game, but it is more than that. Firstly, the game has role playing features in it. You have to choose a soldier class at the beginning and you need to complete different missions in the game. Secondly, the game’s PVE mode is definitely good and thrilling to play. There are lots of missions and there are lots of zombies in these missions. You will not get bored so easily.


In order to play Hounds, you can visit its website and download the game. Do not wait any longer and try.