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When an Old Guy Tries to Relate to Pop Culture and Anime

I don’t think I will ever understand kids and what motivates them to like certain pop culture things. I felt like an old man back when I was a kid because I never got involved with a “craze.” Of course, I am talking ancient times back when the Pet Rock first came out and those Cabbage Patch Dolls too. Of course, I did have a GI Joe with Kung Fu Grip! Now I have kids in my class that are going nuts for something called Sailor Moon Crystal Artemis. It is products based on some anime series. Well, I know what anime is, but I personally do not prefer it at all. That is just me, but you have to understand that I am from a time where I used to watch Bugs Bunny on an old TV that had rabbit ear antennas with foil on them.

I do really like some of the CGI animated movies though. Continue reading