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Many clients often have a challenging time navigating through all the terms for permanent cosmetic choices. Eyebrows being the top choice and with so many styles to choose from can be confusing. One thing to note is that any professional tech is going to create a customized brow for you regardless of the label, often we blend multiple techniques as well to create the best outcome. Often this is dictated by what the clients skin can tolerate. Here are the basics

MICRO BLADING: Micro blading is only used for eyebrows. This is a tool and technique that creates very fine lines and “hair strokes”. Manually applied with different types of micro blades. The size the thickness of the blades can determine how the hair stroke will look. We often use thicker blades to create thicker more coarse looking hair strokes, there are also blade counts such as a 7 or 12 that will dictate what type of hair stroke the artist wants to create. This is also one of the more intense procedures and can have some sensitivity to the client.

DIGITAL HAIR STROKES: Creating hair strokes with a digital or “machine”. Often using different needles as our paint brushes we can create hair strokes and this is often the choice for skin that cannot tolerate the micro blade. This creates a more diffuse hair stroke.

POWDER/SOLID: Powder brows are meant to create a powder look much like topical powder make up. They are not for creating hair strokes at all and are best for clients that want a more solid looking brow or have brows but want a base color. Solid brows are similar but usually have more density to create that “pin up” look or “vintage” look.

COMBO: Often we use combo techniques to combine powder with micro blade or hair strokes. Combo are good choices for clients that have little to no hair at all and may not be able to handle only microblading. It also helps to create more natural shading and dimensions.

Just like any procedure in beauty you really need to trust and communicate with the artist. There are to many details we are trained on to explain it all to a client but understanding some basics helps and showing pictures of what you desire does as well. Bring in your favorite looking brows and also showing what you do not prefer will go a long way in decoding the communication gap. Most techs will also show you the design and color choices before starting the tattooing and you should approve this.

For more information, visit Vine Studios, located in Seattle

Вrеаst Еnlаrgеmеnt

Whу mоst wоmеn wаnt tо hаvе Νаturаl Lаrgе Вrеаst?

Іf уоu аrе dіssаtіsfіеd wіth уоur brеаsts sіzе оr thіnk thаt уоur brеаsts аrе smаllеr thаn уоur dеsіrеd сuр sіzе, thеn рrоbаblу уоu аrе соnsіdеrіng brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt оf sоmе sоrt. Whіlе brеаst аugmеntаtіоn соntіnuеs tо bе thе tор сhоісе іn аll соsmеtіс surgеrу орtіоns fоr mаnу wоmеn, sоmе аrе skірріng surgеrу еntіrеlу аnd rеасhіng fоr а ріll іnstеаd, wіthоut rеаlіzіng thаt thеrе іs lіttlе-tо-nо еvіdеnсе аbоut thе sаfеtу оf brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls.


Dеsріtе, thе dоubt оf thе еffісасу аnd suссеss оf thе ріlls dеsіgnеd tо bооst thеіr bust lіnе, thеу stіll trу thеm аs thеіr fіrst сhоісе bеfоrе соnsіdеrіng аnу іnvаsіvе mеthоds оf brеаst surgеrу, whісh оftеn mау nоt gо аs smооthlу аs рlаnnеd.

Furthеr, thіs аlsо ехрlаіns thе рlеthоrа оf brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls thrоngіng thе mаrkеt аt аll tіmеs. Yоu wіll bе surрrіsеd аt thе numbеr оf wеbsіtеs thаt mаrkеt thеm еsресіаllу whеn уоu rаndоmlу sеаrсh оn thе іntеrnеt, whеn уоu wаtсh tеlеvіsіоn, оr whеn уоu rеаd аnу wоmаn’s mаgаzіnеs. Тhе іmmеnsе рорulаrіtу thіs ріll еnјоуs іs оwіng tо іts suссеssful аds, fосusіng оn wоmаn’s іnsесurіtіеs аbоut thеіr brеаsts, whісh рsусhоlоgісаllу mаkеs mоst wоmеn thіnk іs wіthоut аnу sіdе-еffесts, vеrу соnvеnіеnt tо рut іntо thеіr hаndbаgs, аnd рор thеm іn thеіr mоuth оn sсhеdulе. Unfоrtunаtеlу, mоst оf thе аdvеrtіsеrs sеllіng nаturаl brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls dо nоt lіst аnу роtеntіаl rіsks.

Вrеаst sіzе іs а mајоr соnсеrn fоr mаnу wоmеn. Тhе wоrld оftеn јudgеs а wоmаn bу hеr brеаst sіzе. Ѕосіеtу’s іdеа оf bеаutу hаs tеndеd tоwаrds thе lаrgеr brеаst sіzеs аnd аs а rеsult, mаnу wоmеn nоw wаnt tо іnсrеаsе thеіr brеаst sіzе.


Why do you need Вrеаst Еnlаrgеmеnt Ѕuррlеmеnts

Fоr wоmеn whо wіsh tо trеаd bust еnhаnсеmеnt thе nоn-surgісаl wау, thе mаіn quеstіоn thеу gеnеrаllу wоuld аsk, іs thаt, dо thе ріlls rеаllу wоrk? Wеll, thе аnswеr іs gеnеrаllу, уеs. Вrеаst еnhаnсеmеnt ріlls аrе mаnufасturеd bаsеd оn sсіеntіfіс mеthоds, аnd hаvе іngrеdіеnts thаt еnhаnсе thе grоwth оf brеаst tіssuе.

Тhеsе ріlls іnсоrроrаtе рhуtоеstrоgеns, whісh аrе еlеmеnts thаt аrе sіmіlаr tо nаturаllу-sесrеtеd fеmаlе еstrоgеns, аnd thеsе еnhаnсе thе grоwth аnd dеvеlорmеnt оf brеаst tіssuе, аs іt dоеs durіng рubеrtу. Моst аvаіlаblе suррlеmеnts аlsо hаvе sіgnіfісаnt аmоunts оf hеrbаl іngrеdіеnts, thаt hаvе аlsо bееn studіеd tо роssеss brеаst-еnlаrgеmеnt quаlіtіеs, suсh аs Вlеssеd Тhіstlе, Fеnugrееk, Dоng Quаі, Норs, аmоng оthеrs

Неrbаl Вrеаst Еnlаrgеmеnt Ріlls

Вrеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls аrе vеrу рорulаr thеsе dауs bесаusе thеу асtuаllу wоrk. Νоw, wіth hеrbаl brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls, thе еffесts саn vаrу frоm реrsоn tо реrsоn. Вut thеsе ріlls hаvе bееn рrоvеn tо wоrk. Ѕоmеtіmеs, thе rеsults mау bе tоо subtlе fоr sоmе wоmеn tо gаugе thе еffесtіvеnеss аnd sіgnіfісаnt sіzе іnсrеаsеs.

Іf уоu аrе lооkіng fоr thе еаsіеst wау, shоrt оf brеаst іmрlаnt surgеrу, tо іnсrеаsе thе sіzе уоur brеаsts, thаn Breast Actives brеаst еnlаrgеmеnts ріlls аrе рrоbаblу уоur bеst. Fоr thе bеst еffесtіvеnеss, hоwеvеr, уоu shоuld nоt соmbіnе thеsе nаturаl brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls wіth аnоthеr brеаst еnhаnсеmеnt рrоduсt оr thеrару.


Lеt’s сhесk thе fеаturеs-

  • Вооst уоur соnfіdеnсе
  • Іmрrоvе уоur sеlf еstееm
  • Gіvе уоu а fullеr lіfе!
  • Rеgаіn thе аttеntіоn уоu dеsеrvе
  • Неlр уоu fіll оut swіmsuіts аnd brаs
  • Рut уоu іn соntrоl оf уоur bоdу
  • Маkе уоu thе еnvу оf аll еуеs!

Whаt Іt Соntаіns Іn А Неrb Сарsulе?

Νаturаl brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls соuld іnсrеаsе brеаst sіzе bесаusе іt соntаіns hеrbs thаt hаvе knоwn еstrоgеn-lіkе еffесts оn thе bоdу. Вrеаst ріlls аrе dеsіgnеd tо trіggеr thе еffесts оf рubеrtу whеrе thе brеаsts nаturаllу grоw іn sіzе, іnсrеаsіng thе rаtе оf fаt сеlls аnd соnnесtіvе tіssuе іn thе сhеst аnd bооstіng thе brеаst sіzе аnd shаре. Тhе іngrеdіеnts оf thеsе ріlls аrе аlwауs nаturаl substаnсеs thаt аrе knоwn tо stіmulаtе thе grоwth оf thе mаmmаrу tіssuе аs fоllоws:



Dоng Quаі

Wіld Yаm


Вlеssеd Тhіstlе



Usіng nаturаl оr hеrbаl рlаnts tо еnlаrgе brеаsts hаvе bееn knоwn tо bе аrоund sіnсе сеnturіеs аnd hаvе bееn рrасtісеd bу wоmеn suсh аs іn аnсіеnt Іndіаn аnd Grееk trаdіtіоns.

Тоdау’s nаturаl hеrbаl рrоduсts іmрrоvіsеs hеrbs іntо brеаst еnlаrgеmеnt ріlls sо аs tо mаіntаіn thеіr рорulаrіtу sіnсе sо mаnу сеnturіеs wіth guаrаntее.


Spa Cloth, The Best Choice To Clean Your Skin

Cloth or melasma is more common in women than in men. This is because the cloth is associated with the female hormones estrogen and progesterone, which lead to an increase in the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to our skin.

Although the cloth can affect anyone, it is more common in brown people. It usually appears on the cheeks, on the top of the lips, the forehead and the chin.

Some reasons why the cloth is produced are: stress, anxiety, pregnancy (what is sometimes known as a pregnancy mask), side effects of drugs or cosmetics, inheritance or sometimes due to malfunction Of the thyroid gland.

Important facts about melasma

  • Melasma may be hereditary, so people with genetic predisposition to the cloth should take extra precautions. For example, they should avoid the sun and put sun block whenever they are exposed to the sun. They should also avoid birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy.
  • Care should be taken with the treatment to be used for melasma, including any home remedy. Since if it is a very strong or abrasive treatment it can rather worsen the cloth.
  • Melasma is more common in women between the ages of 20 and 50 years.
  • At the moment there is no definitive cure for melasma. Even if it is possible to reduce the appearance of blemishes, it can return at any time especially if the person is still exposed to the sun or has hormonal changes.
  • The biggest inconvenience of the cloth is due to the physical appearance since it does not present other annoying symptoms.

How to exfoliate your skin?

Skin exfoliation is a very important part of your beauty routine to remove dead cells and impurities and thus, to look radiant and beautiful skin.

The exfoliation is not a treatment that you should do daily, because if you will not be able to dry and scaly your skin. It is recommended that you do it yourself, in the shower, every week or 15 days, although you can also go to a specialized beauty center. If you are constant, in few days you will observe how your skin changes, it looks splendid and without imperfections.

What are the benefits of exfoliating your skin?

I know sometimes, we do not have that much time to take care of our body, but the exfoliation is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Cleanses, purifies and tones your body
  • Renew cells
  • Activates microcirculation
  • Combat cellulite and unsightly orange peel
  • Prevent hair from becoming tangled
  • Regulates oily skin
  • Eliminates dryness on your skin

Spa Cloth is a hybrid washcloth. It is a patented body brushing design wash cloth that cleans and exfoliates the skin. By using Spa Cloth you will get a lot of advantages such us :

  1. Soft supple skin
  2. Helps fight acne and erase black heads
  3. Safer and more effective than a loofah or scrub brush or washcloth.
  4. Younger more glowing radiant skin.

For more information, come and take a look at our website and you can get the last bath mate you will ever buy.

Use of Dead Sea Mud in Beauty Treatments

Dead Sea mud comes from mineral deposits which collect on the shores and sea bed of the Dead Sea. The mud is particularly rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium. Magnesium speeds up the metabolism and renews skin cells; calcium strengthens cell membranes creating a barrier to keep moisture in; potassium rejuvenates and gives energy; bromide restores vitality; sulfur helps to detoxify and sodium rejuvenates and gives a youthful appearance.

Clinical trials have shown that Dead Sea mud can be beneficial to those suffering from skin diseases, arthritis and rheumatic pains. The mud is also beneficial is treating cosmetic issues like acne and cellulites. Dead Sea mud treatments can even treat the soul by providing stress relief and tranquility.

Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

Smoothes out the skin – The mud sooths the skin and promotes a feeling of well being. When the mud is massaged into the skin it removes dead skin cells and absorbs the excess oils and dirt from the skin’s surface. Using Dead Sea mud firms the skin like a natural face lift. After a Dead Sea mud mask fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the skin appears less porous.

Helps treat cellulite – Approximately 90% of women suffer from cellulite to some degree. One of the theories is that cellulite is formed by a lymphatic system disorder where the waste is not drained properly from the cells but is accumulated in the cells. This excess waste in the cells gives the appearance of dents and dimples on the skin’s surface. Dead Sea mud can be used to create osmotic pressure on the skin forcing the fluids in the tissue of the upper layer of skin to be absorbed. As a result the skin looks smoother and more beautiful.

Treats dandruff and hair loss – Dead Sea mud is also used on the scalp to help treat dandruff and oily skin. The mud absorbs the excess fats and dirt leaving the scalp clean. The manganese in the Dead Sea mud stimulates the skin causing increased blood flow which promotes better hair growth and reduces hair loss.

Helps treat acne – Dead Sea mud is beneficial to those with acne. The high concentration of salt in the mud creates an anti-bacterial effect which helps protect the skin from bacteria. When the mud comes into contact with the bacteria on the skin it inhibits its growth. Sulfur and other trace minerals in the mud help to dry out the acne skin.

Exfoliates and detoxifies – Daily life exposes us to many pollutants in the air, our food, medicines, cleaning products etc. All of these toxins accumulate in the body and clog up the pores in our skin. Using Dead Sea mud cleans away the upper layer of toxins. Dead Sea mud has a thick, granular texture which is excellent for exfoliating the skin then the stimulated skin absorbs the Dead Sea minerals. The cool feeling of being completely covered in natural mud which has no additives, no chemicals or dangerous unknown ingredients is relaxing and promotes a feeling of well being. It also restores the skin’s natural PH balance.

Aches, pains and general wellbeing – Treatments with Dead Sea mud help to relax stiff muscles, relieve muscle pain and eliminate toxins from the body. People with knee problems can place a Dead Sea mud compress on the painful area and the pain is eased by the stimulated blood circulation, relaxed nerves and absorbed minerals.

Top Dead Sea Mud Beauty Treatments

A Dead Sea mud wrap is the most common body treatment using Dead Sea mud. During this treatment a thick layer of mud is spread over the skin then a plastic sheet is wrapped over the mud sealing it in and pressing it into the skin. A warm blanket is places on top on the plastic harnessing the osmotic pressure of the mud on the skin. By heating the mud with the blanket and sealing it in with the plastic the minerals are helped to penetrate the skin and draw out toxins. A Dead Sea mud wrap is a procedure which strengthens and refreshes the skin and encourages the rejuvenation of skin cells. A Dead Sea mud wrap has even been said to help those trying to lose weight.

A heated body mud wrap helps reduce joint aches and pains and generally gives an overall feeling of relaxation and wellness.

A mud wrap with Dead Sea mud and Aloe Vera is used as an alternative to the regular mud wrap when people have hyper-sensitive skin.

A Dead Sea mud wrap can be combined with seaweed to promote cell renewal, skin elasticity and miniaturization.

A mud wrap is used for tired legs and to help reduce swelling of varicose veins or edema. This treatment combines a cold mud wrap, cooling gel, cold compress and aromatic oils applied to the legs.

To increase the effectiveness of Dead Sea mud treatments you can spend time in a sauna to open your skin pores before undergoing a Dead Sea mud treatment. This will help the skin absorb the minerals from the mud. You can also drink plenty of water before and after the treatment to help hydrate your skin. To get the best results repeat a Dead Sea mud treatment once every three months at least. Visitors to the Dead Sea can buy a bag of Dead Sea mud and give themselves a spa treatment at home. Better still take advantage of the many spas along the shore of the Dead Sea which offer pampering treatments. You can buy Dead Sea beauty products like purifying mud masks, Dead Sea mud hair masks and Dead Sea mud facial scrubs.

Petal Mashraki

Here’s What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles (and How to Fix Them)

Ever wonder what causes those dark under eye circles? Better yet, would you like a way to fix them? I talk about it here.

We’ve all been there – maybe it was a late night working on a project. Perhaps the baby kept you up all night. Or maybe it was just a great night out with your girlfriends. But the next day, you stumble, bleary-eyed, into the bathroom early in the morning, flip on the light, look in the mirror and… Whoa! Where did those come from?!?!

Whether you call them bags, eye circles or dark circles, those little dark smudges under your eyes seem to tell a tale. We assume it’s the tale of a sleepless night or more than a few Cosmos. But the reality is, lack of sleep is only one of a number of reasons you could be seeing that dark skin under your eyes.

And for every reason, there are numerous remedies and cures that span the range from ineffective to proven. But to find a remedy that works for you, you have to narrow down why you have them.

So what’s causing your dark circles? And what can you do about them?

Identifying Your Circles

There are a number of terms for dark circles, depending on the cause. From periorbital hyperpigmentation to periorbital cellulitis, there are technical (and slightly scary!!) sounding medical names for the condition.

But if you’re like most people, you care less about what they’re called and more about how to get rid of them. But to do that, first, we’ll need to find out what kind you have.

If you’ve got circles now, go look in the mirror. Tip your chin toward your chest so you’re not getting any shadow from your lids, brow or forehead. What do you see? Take note of the color of the circles. Were they more blue/purple? Or did they look browner?

The general pigmentation of your circles can help you narrow down what’s causing them, and how difficult they will be to treat.

Type 1: Blue or Purple

If your circles appear to be bluish or purple, what you’re probably seeing is the blood under the skin below the eye. That sounds awful, right? But in most cases, it’s completely normal.

The reason veins look blue, particularly in Caucasians, isn’t because your blood is blue, as many of us were taught. Blood is always red.

The real answer has to do with how you see light and color. The cut-to-the-chase explanation is that when light waves hit your skin, the red waves get absorbed, while the blue get bounced back. That bounced color is what you see.

So what does that mean for your circles? Well, the skin under your eyes is thinner than it is anywhere else on your body. So it’s easier to see the blood vessels there, especially as we age and our skin naturally becomes thinner.

Related to this is when puffiness decides to join your dark circles for the party. While aging can be a factor in puffiness, it’s usually more related to things like allergies, illness or even water retention. The additional fluids push the blood vessels closer to the skin, giving that bluish tint to your bags.

If your circles appear to be browner, or a darker version of your own skin tone, that’s a different case. These types of dark circles are usually related to either heredity or a medical condition.

Hereditary dark circles are common for people of color and those from Mediterranean regions – think the olive toned skin of Italians for an example. In these cases, it can be frequently attributed to more melanin being produced in the area below the eye.

Some medical conditions can also produce these dark circles. It is not uncommon for someone with hypothyroidism to experience circles.

But it isn’t the only medical condition that can cause those annoying smudges under your eyes. Some conditions, like certain types of liver disease, can also cause you to experience chronic circles. And while conditions like this are rare, if you’re concerned about your dark circles, make sure to visit your doctor.


Treating Dark Circles

Once you’ve got a handle on what is causing the issue, you can begin to find remedies that help you and meet you comfort level.

Any of the types of circles we’ve discussed can be temporarily concealed with makeup. Try experimenting with different brands to find what works for you. If you experience puffiness along with the circles, there are concealers that come with steel ball applicators. These can help cool the skin and reduce the swelling while putting the concealer right where you need it.

There are a number of home remedies for treating circles. For bluish smudges, remedies that improve blood flow and reduce swelling are top of the list. These treatments include used green tea bags that have been cooled or slices of cucumber placed on the eyes for 10-15 minutes. Both contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants.

For hyperpigmentation, consider using potato slices instead of cucumbers. Potatoes also contain antioxidants as well as Vitamin C and other nutrients that can help to brighten the skin and reduce puffiness.

If wearing salad on your face is less than appealing, facial creams are the next step up. These creams can contain stimulating ingredients, like caffeine, that will help to tighten and lessen the appearance of blood vessels. Some also contain skin brighteners like soy and citrus that, over time, will help to lighten the appearance of your under eye skin.


Nerium’s Age-Defying Eye Serum is PERFECT for circles, regardless of the source!! Because their serum is a multi-functional product, it helps with puffiness and discoloration, with the added benefit of reducing wrinkles. And because their Serum contains brighteners and moisturizers, it can help lighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation, too.

If your circles are related to a medical condition, your doctor should be able to help you identify ways to improve the look of your under eye skin. Treating the underlying ailment should start to correct the issue as well.


Narrowing down the cause of your dark circles can help you reduce their frequency and severity. Start with getting enough sleep, treating your allergies, avoiding salty meals, and be careful how much you drink if you want to look your best the next day.

But if your dark circles and bags go beyond these few simple tips, start by identifying what may be causing the discoloration. From there you’ll have a number of options to address the problem, depending on your wallet and how serious you are about getting rid of your circles.


Looks Gentleman By Wearing Tuxedo

Most of the people, who have to organize their wedding, will always be concerned on what suit they are going to wear for the wedding. Tuxedos are those designer wears that have always reflected gentle and sophisticated behavior. Tuxedo is among one of the famous brands which has all kinds of suits for all kinds of men. Tuxedo has a class that can never be matched by any other attire. A quality tuxedo can enhance the overall beauty of an individual. It is always better to purchase tuxedos which you can wear on any kind of formal function or wedding. Buying tuxedo is the best option to make up and look good. Getting a tuxedo that would enhance your personality and give it an enticing look can become tough task if the firm you are involved with is a low grade one.

Generally, when you purchase tuxedo, you will be provided with most of the blue or black colors. There are different designs and style of tuxedos that are available at these stores. You can purchase tuxedos from many famous companies which are known to the whole world. Most of the business people purchase buy because they have to attend several formal meetings or business lunch parties or dinner. A good tuxedo would have the fabric that is comfortable and smooth. Fabric is the soul of any attire and same is true in case of tuxedos. Even in low prices tuxedo provides good quality suits made of wool and with fine texture and style. A well stitched tuxedo with a great fitting would make you look nothing less than a prince. The sophistication of the tux becomes the personality of individual. Tuxedo shirts are generally turned down or winged. Winged tuxedo have soft and pleated front and turned down tuxedo shirts are stiff and have a cleaned front. To have an elegant wear and classy style, tux is all you need.Pick a firm that suits you the best and enjoy the feel of classy tuxedo. Always opt to purchase tuxedo because it has almost all varieties of designs, colors and the suit which you have dreamt of.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Properly


Most women are generally quite adapt at applying makeup even with all the different brands and types of makeup currently available. Yet when it comes to eyeshadow, many younger women find it difficult at first for a variety of reasons. In this article we will share some helpful tips on how to apply eyeshadow which will make this task much easier for beginners.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Tip #1: Consider Your Eye ColorWhen learning how to apply eyeshadow one of the first lesson is to never choose colors that contrast with your natural eye color. So if you have eyes that are a bright blue and you decide on a darker eyeshadow the effect is going to dim your natural eye color. The trick here is to select eyeshadow colors that will compliment your natural eye color. For example a light blue eyeshadow to go with blue eyes and a dark color tone for darker colored eyes.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Tip #2: Consider Your Skin ToneAnother important tip when learning how to apply eyeshadow is to consider the tone of your skin. Women with dark skin tones such as those having a Hispanic of African ancestry should be wearing a lighter eyeshadow color that will help to enhance their eyes rather than a dark eyeshadow color which blends in and does nothing to bring attention to their eyes. Conversely women with light colored skin tone should favor the darker colors to help draw attention to their eyes.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Tip #3: Avoid Matching Eyeshadow To ClothingFor some strange reason many women feel that it is essential to try and match their eyeshadow to the color of their clothing. For example if wearing a red dress, then they will want to wear some red eyeshadow to help compliment their dress. Unfortunately the end result of this type of matching is not very favorable and may make the woman look like she is part of a circus act. So the lesson here is to avoid falling into the trap of trying to match your eyeshadow with your clothing. It is just not worth the effort and you may end up looking rather silly.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Tip #4: The ApplicatorWhen applying eyeshadow it is important to invest in a good quality applicator. Cheap, flimsy applicators will often just smear the eyeshadow giving the appearance that you just painted it on rather than looking natural. The same problem may occur if you do not use a clean applicator. Another reason for using a clean applicator is that you avoid the risk of mixing colors. So for example if you put on green eye makeup the previous day and then decide on blue eyeshadow today, you may end up with a brown color instead due to the mixing of the old green residue and the new blue.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Tip #5: Don’t Over Do ItAs we have already discussed the main purpose behind using eyeshadow is to compliment the natural color of your eyes. Secondly it should also compliment the color of your skin tone. You want to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself because you look silly or trashy. So when learning how to apply eyeshadow you need to look for that delicate balance between not enough and too much. In most cases, error on the side of caution to avoid too much eyeshadow unless you want to look like a clown.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Tip #6: Special EffectsMany women try to obtain a shadow effect with their eyeshadow by applying two different shades of eyeshadow. It is important not to use the same colors on the same places For example when using two shades of blue eyeshadow, the lighter blue must be applied from your crease to the brow but not directly on the crease.

The darker blue eyeshadow is then applied to the crease. Don’t forget to check to see that your applicator is clean to avoid color mixing and ensure that you don’t put too much eyeshadow on.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Tip #7: The EyelidMany women forget to apply eyeshadow to their eyelids since it is difficult to do. The eyelids are an important part of the overall effect and must not be neglected. For this task you will want to use a medium-tone color based on the eyeshadow color that you have been using up to this point.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Tip #8: Art Of BlendingOnce you have reached the stage where you have all of your eyeshadow correctly applied the task is still not done. Next comes the blending stage which is a very important part of learning how to apply eyeshadow since if done incorrectly you will end up with a mess. It is essential that you only lightly brush over all the areas that you have applied the eyeshadow to create a blended effect.

Should you encounter a situation where you are having to deal with too much eyeshadow, never try to wipe it away. Rather make use of a cotton swap and gently blot the excess eyeshadow to remove it.

Following these 8 basic tips on how to apply eyeshadow will give you a great start to working effectively with your eyeshadow. As a beginner just learning how to apply eyeshadow properly you may experience some frustration at first. Don’t give up! You will get better and better with practice.

Why Women Need Cosmetics?


Why do you wear make up? There may be multiple reasons for you to use cosmetics.

  • You might want to look attractive!
  • You might want to look younger!
  • You might want to feel good!
  • Make up might give you confidence!
  • You might need cosmetics to hide certain faults like dark circles or blemishes!
  • And you might wear make up because you know that if you look good. you’ll get special treatment from most of (if not all) persons you meet!

So, cosmetics are important because of your “individual special needs.” But did you know that cosmetics have been proved beneficial for many other reasons- that too scientifically? Now you want to know how!

What Science Says About Cosmetics?

Many researches have been conducted to know the secret of beauty! And if you want to know some of these, read on to know what factors are important in cosmetic make up and which part of your body needs what types of cosmetics to make you achieve your target (good looks, youthful look etc.)

Skin Tone – The Sign of Health!

A healthy person has a uniform skin tone. So when you care for your skin, its a sign of health. However, when you don’t have such healthy skin, you might use skin care cosmetics to hide certain flaws. Although most of the women can not relate the skin tone with good health, they still know that it is one of the most basic requirement for looking good and this proves the popularity of such cosmetic products as foundations and concealers.

Wrinkles- Not the Only Sign of Aging!

If you depend too much on that wrinkle control cream, you might not get too much benefits. Science shows you some more ways to hide your age- of course with the help of cosmetics again! And this secret lies with your nose. While all the organs of your body stop growing after a certain age, nose (and ears too) keep on growing. So, a comparatively bigger nose certainly will tell your age even if you are able to stop those wrinkles from appearing on your face. Some blush on can help you here. A slight nose shadowing with a contour brush can smartly make you look much younger!

Large Eyes, Full Lips- Key to Attract Men!

Large eyes have always been associated with femininity. So, if you want to attract someone, you possibly cannot avoid using mascara which makes eyes look voluminous. Eye liner and eye shadow too can assist you in your mission! As far as lips are concerned, women already have darker mouths than men (as stated by scientific studies.) Lipsticks can further make them more attractive. Red lips, in fact, are a sign of healthy blood circulation and help in sexual arousal too. International Journal of Cosmetic Science states that full lips of women are a result of female hormones and could indicate fertility. Lip balms and other cosmetics can externally help you create the look of full lips!