Five Ideas to Enhance You & Your Partner’s Playtime

If you’re in a new relationship or simply wish to find ways to spice up your current sexual antics, then we have a great guide to share with you – our top five ideas for intensifying your playtime!


Whether you’re looking for some ideas to open up and explore your sexual activities or in need of a way to add heat to your relationship, then these tips will have you trying out new positions and kinky fun ideas to improve your love life in no time.


P.S These aren’t in any particular order so take your pick from the list.


  • Talk Dirty – Whether it be around the house or sexting (texting your other half naughty things while they’re at work or out the house), talking dirty can get the passion flowing with little flirtatious comments and by letting your partner know what you plan to do to them when you both get back home. A simple text like this can almost certainly brighten up your partner’s day, making them wish it was home time already.
  • Body Language – And by this we mean showing off your body to let him know you mean business. Wear one of his t-shirts with just some panties while doing general stuff around the house, he’ll definitely be interested and might even give you a hand to finish the washing up if he thinks sex might be on the cards.
  • Quickies – Not all sex has to be slow and sensual, quickies are great especially if they’re unexpected and a spur of the moment thing. Take your guy unexpected, whether it be while dinner is cooking or as soon as you both get back home from work, it works great especially if you’ve been sexting throughout the day as you’ll both be excited and in the mood already.
  • Take It Slow – On the other hand, slow it down. Simple things such as slowing down the rhythm when in your favourite positions, although cowgirl works really well for this. So just before you’re both about to reach that magical moment, slow the grinding down and it can lead to a longer, more powerful orgasm for you both, while letting you enjoy each other’s bodies with a slow yet more thrilling release.
  • Bondage – It shouldn’t be scary, in fact it can be great fun for both of you and will definitely open up your sexual experiences with the use of handcuffs and blindfolds, letting you take control of the other person’s body and senses to unleash a round of teasing and seduction. They’ll be squirming around on the bed just gagging for you to release their built up sexual tension!


If some light bondage sounds like something you’d be interesting in trying, check out the new Fifty Shades of Grey pleasure products, available from all good high street and online adult toy stores such as PinkVibrations.


So there you have it, five simple yet effective tips to boost your sexual activities and (hopefully) giving you a lot more intense and thrilling play times! Take it from us, by doing just one of these things per week can really improve the chemistry between you and your partner.

Select Perfect Wedding Dresses For Your Wedding

The excitement and thrill for one’s wedding can’t be explained in words. It is a feeling that you feel once in your lifetime. You want everything perfect to make your experience more memorable. You have many future plans and expectations. You don’t know how it will go on post marriage. It is a sort of mystery and you like to experience this mystery and uncover your future with every occasion passing slowly and gradually.


Your marriage ceremony is one of the most auspicious moments of your life. All your friends and family give you their wishes and hope that you will lead your life successfully in this new institution of marriage. It is the moment of delight and celebration. You wish your loved ones near you and share your joy and pray for your happiness. You make all arrangements to make this ceremony smoother and enjoyable.

But there are many tasks to be performed before a marriage ceremony. You have to make many arrangements in time. You have enough loads, mental as well as physical. You have to make a plan for perfect wedding dress, ornaments, photography, makeup and wedding day master plan.Wedding dresses are one of the most noticeable things in a wedding. Which dress should you wear; its style and fitting need your attention. Different countries have different fashion statements for dress designs. So choosing your perfect dress is really a difficult task.

There are many dress shops in Ireland that are providing wide varieties of wedding dresses. They also provide you consultancy on your choice and help make your decision. However going to these shops while making arrangements for your wedding, is not a welcome idea. You hardly get any time to spare for any unnecessary task especially during the busy schedule when your wedding takes place. Therefore some shops are providing online services to offer you better facilities in your living room.

Sitting in your living room, you can do all purchasing for your wedding. You can see varieties of ornaments and other accessories. Most favorite items to add in your list. However you can’t taste your wedding cakes online, but ordering your favorite flavor that your guests like becomes easy online and you save a lot of time for other important arrangements and your burden is reduced many times making your wedding ceremony truly a pleasurable experience.

Finding Luxurious Wedding Dresses


The ring is in your finger, plus the day is ready. Now, it really is all about your wedding dress, regarding your aspiration of the specific working day. Whether or not you would like a robe inside the classic tulle and extended practice, or one particular of the springs sleeker, sophisticated and luxurious wedding dresses, the crucial to discovering the dress of your goals is usually to get your time and effort. Each other a part of organizing your unique working day may be shared or delegated to somebody else, however the choice of the ideal dress needs your targeted focus.

A single in the most significant and essential choices you’ll need to encounter when the massive working day methods is deciding upon the best wedding dress. The real method of buying is usually a beautiful and difficult journey; amidst the all round overpowering time period although, a bride to become may well must take care of nerve-racking situations. Luxurious wedding dresses are often bought or requested ahead of the remainder on the significant facts relating to the ceremony are established; as a result the selection need to be the outcome of the comprehensive and significant thing to consider.

For all those brides who desire a good and sophisticated dress but are on the affordable price range, this generates an ideal chance to receive a designer wedding dress at a really affordable expense. You could also scour the Sunday ads for wedding dress sales which are often plentiful in the starting of every year. These wedding dresses are generally showroom samples, and also have acquired exactly the same loving treatment from bridal employees as all other dresses and can nevertheless produce a beautiful picture.

No matter the price tag, if the wedding dresses you’re attempting on don’t develop the placing picture you would like, attempt yet another dress or perhaps a unique bridal store. Though the sleeker, basic and complicated styled wedding dresses are dominating the runways this spring, never become a slave for the style marketplace. If you have usually dreamed of the huge, classic skirted robe, encrusted in crystals and pearls, then attempt on the luxurious wedding dresses that fit your style. Should you usually do not choose glistening, iridescent materials, then disregard the designers who only perform in that style. By far the most essential thing to consider for your wedding dresses that you simply really like it and really feel just like the regal princess on her specific working day.

You will know if you have discovered the wedding dress of your desires. These in attendance with you’ll be spellbound. From each of the luxurious wedding dresses you attempt on, there might be that 1 special wedding dress that tends to make your coronary heart sing and delivers tears for your eyes. You will stare at your reflection and become surprised in the beautiful creature inside the beautiful wedding dress staring back again at you. If an individual questioned you to definitely price the dress you’ve received on from a single to 10, you will quickly give it a 20. That is when you will know you have located that best robe, the wedding dress of your desires.