Use of Dead Sea Mud in Beauty Treatments

Dead Sea mud comes from mineral deposits which collect on the shores and sea bed of the Dead Sea. The mud is particularly rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium. Magnesium speeds up the metabolism and renews skin cells; calcium strengthens cell membranes creating a barrier to keep moisture in; potassium rejuvenates and gives energy; bromide restores vitality; sulfur helps to detoxify and sodium rejuvenates and gives a youthful appearance.

Clinical trials have shown that Dead Sea mud can be beneficial to those suffering from skin diseases, arthritis and rheumatic pains. The mud is also beneficial is treating cosmetic issues like acne and cellulites. Dead Sea mud treatments can even treat the soul by providing stress relief and tranquility.

Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

Smoothes out the skin – The mud sooths the skin and promotes a feeling of well being. When the mud is massaged into the skin it removes dead skin cells and absorbs the excess oils and dirt from the skin’s surface. Using Dead Sea mud firms the skin like a natural face lift. After a Dead Sea mud mask fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the skin appears less porous.

Helps treat cellulite – Approximately 90% of women suffer from cellulite to some degree. One of the theories is that cellulite is formed by a lymphatic system disorder where the waste is not drained properly from the cells but is accumulated in the cells. This excess waste in the cells gives the appearance of dents and dimples on the skin’s surface. Dead Sea mud can be used to create osmotic pressure on the skin forcing the fluids in the tissue of the upper layer of skin to be absorbed. As a result the skin looks smoother and more beautiful.

Treats dandruff and hair loss – Dead Sea mud is also used on the scalp to help treat dandruff and oily skin. The mud absorbs the excess fats and dirt leaving the scalp clean. The manganese in the Dead Sea mud stimulates the skin causing increased blood flow which promotes better hair growth and reduces hair loss.

Helps treat acne – Dead Sea mud is beneficial to those with acne. The high concentration of salt in the mud creates an anti-bacterial effect which helps protect the skin from bacteria. When the mud comes into contact with the bacteria on the skin it inhibits its growth. Sulfur and other trace minerals in the mud help to dry out the acne skin.

Exfoliates and detoxifies – Daily life exposes us to many pollutants in the air, our food, medicines, cleaning products etc. All of these toxins accumulate in the body and clog up the pores in our skin. Using Dead Sea mud cleans away the upper layer of toxins. Dead Sea mud has a thick, granular texture which is excellent for exfoliating the skin then the stimulated skin absorbs the Dead Sea minerals. The cool feeling of being completely covered in natural mud which has no additives, no chemicals or dangerous unknown ingredients is relaxing and promotes a feeling of well being. It also restores the skin’s natural PH balance.

Aches, pains and general wellbeing – Treatments with Dead Sea mud help to relax stiff muscles, relieve muscle pain and eliminate toxins from the body. People with knee problems can place a Dead Sea mud compress on the painful area and the pain is eased by the stimulated blood circulation, relaxed nerves and absorbed minerals.

Top Dead Sea Mud Beauty Treatments

A Dead Sea mud wrap is the most common body treatment using Dead Sea mud. During this treatment a thick layer of mud is spread over the skin then a plastic sheet is wrapped over the mud sealing it in and pressing it into the skin. A warm blanket is places on top on the plastic harnessing the osmotic pressure of the mud on the skin. By heating the mud with the blanket and sealing it in with the plastic the minerals are helped to penetrate the skin and draw out toxins. A Dead Sea mud wrap is a procedure which strengthens and refreshes the skin and encourages the rejuvenation of skin cells. A Dead Sea mud wrap has even been said to help those trying to lose weight.

A heated body mud wrap helps reduce joint aches and pains and generally gives an overall feeling of relaxation and wellness.

A mud wrap with Dead Sea mud and Aloe Vera is used as an alternative to the regular mud wrap when people have hyper-sensitive skin.

A Dead Sea mud wrap can be combined with seaweed to promote cell renewal, skin elasticity and miniaturization.

A mud wrap is used for tired legs and to help reduce swelling of varicose veins or edema. This treatment combines a cold mud wrap, cooling gel, cold compress and aromatic oils applied to the legs.

To increase the effectiveness of Dead Sea mud treatments you can spend time in a sauna to open your skin pores before undergoing a Dead Sea mud treatment. This will help the skin absorb the minerals from the mud. You can also drink plenty of water before and after the treatment to help hydrate your skin. To get the best results repeat a Dead Sea mud treatment once every three months at least. Visitors to the Dead Sea can buy a bag of Dead Sea mud and give themselves a spa treatment at home. Better still take advantage of the many spas along the shore of the Dead Sea which offer pampering treatments. You can buy Dead Sea beauty products like purifying mud masks, Dead Sea mud hair masks and Dead Sea mud facial scrubs.

Petal Mashraki